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The management of Patent Foramen Ovale in stroke webinar

1pm - 3pm

MS Teams Meeting

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Presented by Dr Matt Daniels, Consultant Cardiologist, Manchester Royal Infirmary

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Patent Foramen Ovale closure to prevent recurrent stroke


  1. Review Randomised control trials on PFOC vs medical therapy (20min)
    • Patients included in trials – Age & comorbidity
    • How was PFO defined – what is a positive bubble test?
    • What was “medical therapy”?
    • What devices were used – were there any differences?
  2. What was the outcome?PFO closure in the UK – understanding how the goalposts have moved
    • A review of historical practice (pre 2013)
    • Commissioning through evaluation period (2014-17)
    • Commissioning through evaluation outcomes
    • Re-commissioned service (post 2019)
    • Impact on UK activity & cardiac services in particular
    • The typical patient pathway to PFOc – how do we deliver the service in the real world?
  3. Index stroke
    • Young stroke investigations – what is needed?
    • PFO screening
    • PFO MDT discussions
    • preadmission/first cardiology contact
    • The PFO closure procedure
    • Follow up
  4. Opportunities and uncertainties in PFOc – some case examples