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E Learning packages relaunched

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We have updated our e-learning training packages for stroke care which are now available alongside our other online training. You can view all our e-learning here

The packages are tailored for specific professions including pre-hospital, primary care and social care staff as well as inpatient non stroke professionals (A&E etc). We also have a package aimed at stroke staff which we plan to expand and update in the coming months following work on our introductory training programme.
Each training package covers:

  • Understanding of the incidence, types, causes and impacts of stroke
  • Appreciation of the need for rapid and accurate assessment of stroke and of the Greater Manchester stroke care pathway
  • Knowledge of stroke care provided in hospitals and also in the community, including support for recovery in the longer term
  • Detailed understanding of the interventions that prevent stroke, both primary and secondary

The training is modular with a certificate provided at the end if all sections are successfully completed via short quiz. People need to register on the website first to gain access: