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Who we are

The network was launched in October 2021 following the merger of the Greater Manchester Neuro-Rehabilitation and Integrated Stroke Delivery Networks. The stroke element is part of the NHS Long Term Plan that includes the establishment of 20 ISDNs across England.

We are a partnership of NHS providers and commissioners of stroke and neurorehabilitation care in the Greater Manchester region, including Eastern Cheshire. We work closely with other stakeholders including the voluntary sector, academia and commercial organisations.

The network supports the whole care pathway for stroke whilst only focusing on community care for neurorehabilitation patients. Inpatient neurorehabilitation services will be part of the region’s single provider model led by the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences.

The network comprises of a small team governed by a Board that oversees our strategy and ensures we deliver our vision. The team facilitates improvements in our local services, with much of our work conducted via a range of groups.

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Our vision

To support the development of high quality and equitable stroke and community neurorehabilitation services in Greater Manchester, to achieve the best outcomes and experience for patients. We will do this by:

  • Being patient centred
  • Working collaboratively with our stakeholders
  • Facilitating transformational change through effective partnership working
  • Encouraging the early adoption of evidence in stroke and community neurorehabilitation services

We actively engage with patients and carers to ensure their voices are heard, working closely with relevant voluntary sector organisations in our area.