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Saving Brains campaign launched

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The Stroke Association have launched Saving Brains to highlight the game-changing and cost-effective nature of acute thrombectomy treatment. NHS England has identified that universal access to thrombectomy would support 1,600 people across England to be independent after stroke each year, and research shows it could save the health and care system £73 million annually.

Saving Brains highlights the vital need to secure 24/7 thrombectomy provision among national and local decision-makers beyond stroke. With this report, the charity aims to help generate the system-backing that can support effective planning and sustainable growth of thrombectomy services.

Greater Manchester is one of only 6 areas that offers 24/7 access to thrombectomy and our centralised model of hyper acute stroke care helps us deliver some of the most efficient and effective treatment in the country. However, we have work still to do as currently only around 3% of our stroke patients have the procedure compared to nearly 8% in London, with a national aspiration of 10%.

You can view the report here.