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Network training programme

Our events are generally aimed at staff working in both community and inpatient settings, are applicable to a range of professions (including medicine), and may also be suitable for professionals in the voluntary sector. Royal College of Physician CPD accreditation will be sought for events of particular relevance to doctors.

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1. Foundation and introductory level programmes

These courses are currently on hold and are being developed into more virtual formats. Details to follow.

2. Experienced/advanced level

Our masterclasses are now delivered as webinars via MS Teams. We hope to resume face to face events in mid 2022. Hyperlinked events are open for bookings.


Introduction to vocational rehabilitation in stroke and neurorehabilitation – 28th January

5th Salford Stroke Study Day – Delivering Best Practice in Stroke Management – 10th February

Upper Limb Recovery Post Stroke – 23rd February

GMNISDN Annual Stroke Conference (AJ Bell Stadium) – 22nd June

GMNISDN Annual Neurorehabilitation Conference (AJ Bell Stadium) – 12th October

Planned topics include:

  • Insight training/managing challenging behaviours in the community
  • Management of at risk feeding in community

You can access our extensive archive on our YouTube Channel, with our freely available webinars on a playlist here.

The following online training resources can only be accessed by emailing

Pathophysiology of Spasticity Sep 21

The Management of PFO closure Aug 21

Spasticity Neurosurgical Interventions Jul 21

Posture & Positioning and Splinting & Orthotics  Jul 21

Supporting Capacity Assessment Jun 21

Weight Management Jun 21

Early Surgical Management May 21

Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness May 21

Pharmacology & Role of the Non-Medical Injector Apr 21

Advanced Decisions in Care and Lasting Power of Attorney Apr 21

Facial Palsy and Services in Greater Manchester Mar 21

Introduction to Spasticity Jan 21

Assessing and Managing the Risk of Suicide in Community Stroke & Neuro Rehabilitation Dec 20

Dysphagia Rehabilitation Nov 20

ACE Centre Nov 20

Above Cuff Vocalisation Nov 20

Supporting people with aphasia during the pandemic – Speakeasy Nov 20

Euphonia Project and Voice Banking Oct 20

Stroke associated pneumonia: diagnosis, treatment and prevention Oct 20