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Vocational rehabilitation

Improving support in Greater Manchester

Since 2016 we have been working to improve our support for vocational rehabilitation. An audit of our clinical teams in 2017 highlighted:

  • Professionals would welcome further training to improve their knowledge and understanding
  • No standard pathway or assessment tools across the region
  • Teams are unable to always provide effective support due to resource limitations, with time restrictions of the service also a factor
  • No funding for services provided by the voluntary sector who often support people following discharge from NHS teams

The network will continue to:

  1. Upskill local healthcare professionals in supporting people with neurological conditions in vocational rehabilitation
  2. Develop a pathway of best practice, with access to specialist vocational rehabilitation support
  3. Encourage better links and working with other agencies including the voluntary sector and job centres

Training of staff

The network has commissioned a training programme for Greater Manchester healthcare professionals supporting people with neurological conditions. The training has been cascaded within teams and can be purchased for delivery outside of the region.

Greater Manchester pathway

We have developed a model and are working to secure funding for specialist support for complex cases or those who need help in the much longer term.

Vocational rehabilitation model flow chart

Working with job centres

We have been working with job centre staff to help them understand how they can better support people with neurological conditions in returning to work. We are encouraging our community teams to establish links and provide teaching to local job centres and have developed an online training package, plus other resources:

One hour teaching session slides for job centre staff

Resource pack for job centre staff